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We want everyone to live healthier lives

Red Shoe Lunch


How does your money help us?

Every year we will make an annual donation to the American Heart Association in memory of Veronica Blount. Our contribution to AHA is to support the research efforts that address heart disease and create awareness about stroke, high blood pressure and other heart related issues. 

Your donation will also support our Blood Pressure Monitor in every home campaign. It is our belief that blood pressure monitors can save lives and while they are relatively affordable machines, many homes in underserved communities don't have one. 

In addition, we want to bridge the gap between those in underserved communities with health care providers and resources that help decrease the diseases that plaque minorities, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, colon cancer and more. The way to do this is to bring resources into these communities and meet the people where they are (public schools, churches, barber shops, beauty salons, block parties, etc). Your donation will help us achieve these goals.


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