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1 For Every 1 Blood Pressure Monitor Campaign 

Hypertension, can be difficult to detect because it often has no symptoms. Over time, hypertension can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and other cardiovascular issues. Blood pressure monitors can aid in the detection of hypertension and ultimately save lives.


The foundation's commitment is to make sure every home has a blood pressure monitor. We believe that blood pressure monitors are like smoke detectors; they aide in prevention and ultimately save lives. We rely on donors, supporters and members of the community to help us raise funds to supply free blood pressure monitors to those in underserved communities with the least access to healthcare. 

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Tee's Story

"I believe access to an at home blood pressure monitor saved my life," says Tee Blount, Founder and Executive Director of the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation. "I was suffering a transient ischemic attack (T.I.A) and thought I was experiencing a spider bite. Even when all of my physical symptoms aligned with those of a stroke, I refused to believe it until I took my blood pressure and realized my blood pressure was at stroke levels. Prior to taking my blood pressure, I had taken Benadryl and was preparing to get into bed in an attempt to sleep it off. A friend I was talking to on the phone noticed my slurred speech and urged me to take my blood pressure. My ability to get urgent medical care in a timely matter likely saved my life and to that I credit having a blood pressure monitor at home," says Blount.

Saturday, September 7, 2024

Saturday, September 7, 2024 will be a monumental day for the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation. We will start the day with the Red Shoe 3k Heart Walk at 9am in Cooksville, Maryland. Immediately after the walk we will have our first giveaway of blood pressure monitors for the 1 For Every 1 Campaign. We will giveaway monitors to every home in the 2400 block of Harlem Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. 


"Our commitment is to make sure every home has a blood pressure monitor, starting with the very street where my mother, Veronica lived. It is extremely important for me to initiate our giveaway program with the thirty homes on that block. All thirty homes will receive a monitor. Once we've completed this block, we will expand our efforts across all metropolitan cities to reach the most underserved communities," says the foundation's Executive Director, Tee Blount. "Often we donate to causes because we care, but many times we never get to see our support in action. It's not by coincidence that we are hosting the first public giveaway of monitors on the same day as our 3k Heart Walk and Inaugural Ball. It is by design that our supporters are able to be a part of the distribution. On September 7th, our supporters will walk to raise money for blood pressure monitors, then immediately thereafter join us in a community giveaway and then later that evening help us celebrate our accomplishments thus far and the beginning of greater things to come! It's a full circle moment and I'm extremely excited about it," says Blount. 
Walk participants and volunteers are encouraged to participate in the distribution taking place on Saturday, September 7, 2024 from 1pm-2pm in the 2400 block of Harlem Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Who's Eligible for the Free BP Monitors?

For the September 7th giveaway, all residents of the 2400 block of Harlem Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland are eligible. One monitor will be provided per home. The homes from 2400 - 2429 Harlem Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21216 will be included in the giveaway. To be eligible, someone must be home between the hours of 1p-2p EST to receive the monitor. We will not leave monitors unattended and we will not give monitors to neighbors, friends or anyone not residing in the home. The person receiving the monitor must have access to the home and the home must be occupied and habitable. We will not distribute monitors to vacant, abandoned or unoccupied homes.  

What Happens if  You're Unable to Receive a Monitor on September 7th?

We will record the address of each successful delivery of a monitor. Those who receive a monitor on September 7th will not be eligible to receive another free monitor within the next 5 years; however, if you're eligible and no one is home during our distribution timeframe, you will remain eligible for future distributions. 

Media / Photos

As a part of our documentary of the program, we may ask some residents to speak to the media and / or take photos during the giveaway. Granting us permission to record or photograph you is optional and completely voluntary. Your right to not be recorded or filmed will in no way impact your eligibility to receive a free blood pressure monitor. Our volunteers and representatives will ask permission prior to taking any photos or video. 


Want to join us and help distribute blood pressure monitors? Please complete the form below to be added to the volunteer list. It's important to provide an accurate email address to receive the details for the event and a list of questions for our documentary. We also need a mobile number so we can reach you the day of the event with schedule changes or other emergency information. 


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